“We bring the great tradition of Italian craftsmanship to homes throughout the world.”

About us

We design and renovate private residences around the globe, from Russia to China, from South America to Saudi Arabia.We offer a bespoke service, because we believe that a home should welcome and reflect the character and taste of whomever lives there. We work to ensure that each of our projects is unique - the special and inimitable result of our meeting with our clients.We have a big dream: to show the world the quality, creativity and the high technical and technological skills of the many small, artisanal workshops scattered across Italy. We have placed our many decades of building and renovation experience at the service of this dream. We achieve it by working exclusively with the very best craftsmen in the country, creating uniquely suited teams for each project.We can meet any demand: from interior and exterior restorations to designing from scratch, from projects aimed at restyling to consulting on furniture choice and home accessories. We devote particular attention to our customer relationships, because we believe that only through mutual understanding can a project of great quality arise.


Architecture is
a crystal.
Gio Ponti


For us, every project is custom-made, conceived at our firm, attentive to client
needs and to the context in which the residence
is integrated. In the name of continuous research and love of beauty, our team of architects and designers work
with the aim of never repeating themselves, elaborating solutions for interiors and exteriors that are
different each time but united by the
unmistakable style and taste of
Made in Italy.


A house is a
machine for living.
Le Corbusier


An ensemble of different,
harmonized skills applied step by step by our architects to define the skeleton of the house: the structural, electrical, hydraulic and mechanical parts, which are entrusted to as many specialized engineers and builders. A highly specialized group effort that
unites artisanal craftsmanship with
vanguard technologies.


God is in the details.
Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


Marble, parquet floors, stucco,
stained glass, fine finishes: the triumph of Italian artisanal know-how.Ancient workmanship, handed down from generation to generation is updated now in the light of new technologies. Materials and treatments are chosen from dozens of possible solutions so that
every aspect of the home responds to the needs
of the customer.


The interior decor
of our home
becomes the theater
of private life.
Alessandro Mendini

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Fine quality, attention to detail and uniqueness are keywords for our work on interior decor and its complements. From furniture to lighting, from crystalware to textiles, we design and draw every single piece of interior decor. Our production is then entrusted to artisans and workshops with whom we
work. The result is a home that speaks of
those who live there,their character,
their inclinations and
their passions.



We work with over 2000 craftsmen - 200 of whom are inside our company - possessing unique skills and talents. This team is the fruit of a long and careful search conducted across all of Italian territory to pinpoint the best craftsmen in every area. Ours is a passionate journey across Italy’s districts, workshops and family businesses, whose points of strength are extreme specialization, as well as technical and manual mastery.Thanks to this network of extremely valuable partners, every one of our projects embodies the best of “Made in Italy”: an inseparable ensemble of aesthetics, craftsmanship, functionality and innovation. From the love of slow manual work to a passion for teamwork, from the desire to create anew each time to the love of design, each of our collaborators has a history of professionality, commitment and enthusiasm, as the paths of Roberto, Lisa, Luciano, Umberto, Maurizio, Ernesto, Elizabeth and Christian have shown.


“We enjoy playing upon the imagination and the emotions of our clients”

Roberto Grigolon
e Lisa Zorzanello

Grigolon Zorzanello Architects – Verona

The design and creative supervision of Fratta Magrini 1951 projects are entrusted to architects Lisa and Roberto. They have worked together since 2000, specializing in renovations, restorations and interior design. For design, they adore the development and implementation of an idea that slowly takes form to become concrete. The most stimulating part of the work for them is the client relationship, a relationship based on mutual exchange. For Lisa and Roberto, good design comes from synergy with artisans with whom they work, and from understanding and respecting their practical knowledge and executional expertise. Sandstone, rock, glass, hot wax-based paints - they prefer materials that hold up under the wear and tear of time. Materials that age well, and for this reason so often find space in antique contexts - as can happen in a restoration - as well as in a contemporary home.


Luciano: “In work you see yourself. You are the image of the work you develop.”
Umberto: “I am in search of the perfect weld.”

Luciano Giarola
e Umberto Maria Fedrigo

Foreman and plumbing head for Fratta Magrini 1951

Fratta Magrini construction sites are like an extended family, a close-knit team in love with what they do. Within it, Luciano has the task of daily coordination of various activities. Each and every aspect of his operations has the goal of keeping a productive and efficient work group. A true self-made man, Luciano has acquired all of his skills in the field, with daily practical experience beginning from the late 1970s, making furniture, to his current responsibilities. Impassioned by the creative aspects of his work, Luciano especially loves his relationships with the builders and craftspeople with whom he works - and assembling the most suitable workgroup time after time, putting together different skills and making them perform in harmony like an orchestra. Umberto, instead, is a civil plumber. He learned the trade from his father, and looks after each aspect of the construction process for plumbing installation. He is the supervisor for all of Fratta Magrini’s plumbing installations. Attention, precision and passion are indispensable qualities for him as a plumber in complex construction sites, like those in which he is accustomed to working. More than anything, he loves the moment of the welding. To carry out the perfect weld, one that is recognizable to the naked eye, is for him the tangible sign of a high quality, enduring work.


“I have never repeated the same project twice. The concept of ‘series’ does not exist for me.”

Maurizio Bogoni

Impresa Bogoni – Monteforte d’Alpone (Verona)

A master of seamless, crafted wrought iron work, Maurizio makes high quality wrought iron objects for interiors and exteriors for Fratta Magrini. Each of his pieces, great and small, is one-of-a-kind, made exclusively for the client, starting from a sketch that is drawn up together.
Moved by passion and curiosity to experiment each time with different and unprecedented forms, Maurizio conceives his craftsmanship as a creative impulse, as the capacity to find effective, functionally and aesthetically persuasive solutions. He dreams of the future of the trade, teaching it to young people who recently began working with him, thus passing down a precious and increasingly rare craft.


“The most complex thing about a restoration is beginning well.
For a good final result, one must work with care even in the preparatory phase and on the rough parts.”

Roberto Massalongo

Massalongo Edile – Settimo di Pescantina (Verona)

Roberto began to work on the restoration of buildings in 1989, thanks to his collaboration with the architectural firm Cesare Feiffer, which was specialized in the conservation and reuse of architectural and landscape heritage. After learning the craft among the rank and file over a number of years, in 1993 he landed a great opportunity: to take part in the restoration of the S. Anna di Sirmione church, which was being handled by the Feiffer firm.Since then, Roberto has never stopped. He founded his own small construction business, working on the restoration, recovery and conservation of private residences, collaborating very closely with Fratta Magrini. He is convinced that this work can not exist without study, research and care for the smallest details. In restoration work, it is important to create the context of reference, to understand the building’s destined use and how today’s needs can meld with the history of the property. For this it is fundamental for him to work with a trusted team, with people of great technical skill who can look after every single aspect of the project, from the preparatory work to the finishings.


“The strength of our local
firms is the ability to act
as a system when facing
a project – uniting competencies to offer
high quality.”

Ernesto Vignali

Fratelli Vignali Furnishings – Gudizzolo (Mantova)

Ernesto and his brother carry out custom-made interior decor. What makes them valuable collaborators for Fratta Magrini is their ability to respond to the structural and aesthetic needs that serial production can not, from the table of irregular dimensions to a kitchen made of a pure solid and particular essence, to the double-sided library that becomes a structural element for the home and partition for its environments. It is the capacity to do custom work that distinguishes Italian craftspeople and makes them competitive on an international level, according to Ernesto. These craftspeople possess unique skills in technical workmanship and manuality, and excel in collaborating with each other to best execute projects together – as do the Vignali brothers, working with door and window makers as well as cabinet makers in their area, forever searching for the most qualified partners for each individual job.


“Ours is a work of pure artisans,
which requires a slow time scale for thought and
exclusively manual work.”

Elisabeth Cozza
e Christian Rossi

Effetto Mosaico – Grezzana (Verona)

Christian and Elisabeth founded Effetto Mosaico in 1997, drawing on Christian’s study and experience acquired in other workshops. The firm works on every kind of mosaic decoration for interiors and exteriors, from small, decorative inserts for walls to vast compositions for pavements. After more than twenty years of work, what still fascinates them is the slowness of thought and manual activity required for making mosaics. Despite all the technological innovations that the sector has gone through, mosaic decoration remains a celebration of anti-industry, anti-serial production, and pure craftsmanship in the highest and most artistic sense of the word. Craftsmanship inextricably linked to the history and the culture of our country, whose roots sink back to ancient Rome and the refined traditions of Early Christianity and the Byzantine Empire. It is impossible for them to imagine Effetto Mosaico any place other than Verona. The Veronese district is extremely rich in technological and artisanal skills, as well as raw materials of extraordinary quality. Machines, marble quarries and know-how handed down from generation to generation - in this zone there are all the instruments for creating the most beautiful mosaics in the world.